Watch Brands With Good Resale Value

When considering the purchase of a higher-end watch, of course you’ll consider features you want, workmanship, materials, and other things. One thing you should add to this list is the potential resale value of the watch. These watches are made to last a lifetime, but the time may come when you need different features that your watch doesn’t have or you just want a change. In that case, having one of the watch brands with good resale value and contacting reputable watch buyers will save you money. Below are the brands that many consider having the best resale value.

ROLEX. This is the brand that ends up at the top of almost everybody’s list. The brand was first offered in 1905 and is considered an investment watch. Rolex was the first to offer a dive watch, and to date, they still test each dive watch individually. The company actually employs its own geologists to buy and test its diamonds and precious stones. It holds very high standards for the materials it uses in its products. For instance, Rolex uses unique steel that is harder and more resistant to rust and corrosion and polishes extremely well.

PATEK PHILIPPE. There’s a reason this brand has been around for well over 150 years. They are incredibly designed and detailed. Because making one can take from nine months to over two years, available watches are limited. Each individual watch is recorded in special archives as to the date it was produced and the date it was first sold by the watchmaker to ensure that the watch you are considering is authentic. Instead of the million watches per year that some watch companies churn out, there are less than one million Patek Philippe watches in existence. Because of this, it is said that you don’t own a Patek Philippe, you keep it for the next generation.

JAEGER-LECOULTRE. This brand may not be as recognizable as others by the general public, but for those who know watches, it’s always on the list. Many consider it a more prestigious brand than Rolex. Established in 1833 with Jaeger partnering in 1903, the watchmaker is most well known for its intricate and complicated watch movements, developing over a thousand variations. The brand’s reputation among collectors and those who know watches is undeniable.

OMEGA. This watchmaker also has a claim to fame, as Buzz Aldrin wore a model to the first lunar landing in 1969. Omega watches may not drain the wallet as some other brands, but they still are very good at holding their resale value. One caveat to this is that Omega does not intentionally limit the production of popular models to create artificial demand as some watchmakers do. The resale value thus depends on the demand of the various models is somewhat fluid. Still, if you are one who has to consider price, Omega is one to consider.

TAG HEUER. This watchmaker, in business since 1860, makes watches for people with various preferences. One distinctive feature is that their watches keep their vintage design while upgrading the interior mechanical parts. Their marketing has made their brand recognizable, as celebrities such as Elvis Presley have worn their watches.

There is some argument as to whether any watch should be purchased as an investment. Nevertheless, watch brands with good resale value are certainly a part of considering a quality, well-made watch that is sure to last.