How to Prepare a Venue For a Last Minute Get Together

“The great thing about gin is that it brings people from all walks of life, regardless of what seemingly divides us and regardless of the supposedly insurmountable amount of differences among us, once the drinks get flowing, you’d be surprised to find out how much we really have in common. This is not just a bumper sticker statement. This is actual fact. ”

If you are holding a get together among family members or extended friends, you probably think that just holding it in your apartment would suffice. I really can’t blame you for thinking this way because this is how most people think. They think that it’s just all a matter of comfort. They think it’s all a matter of availability.

By and large, they’re correct because at the end of the day, people really couldn’t care less about where an event is held. Instead, they care more about how it was pulled off.

Now, of course, you have to set people’s expectations properly. In fact, the key to effective hosting, by and large, boils down to effective expectation management. If you know how to manage people’s expectations by giving them the right signals at the right time to produce the right reactions, then chances are, you are well on your way to a great event.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people will continue to talk about your event for a long, long time to come. It’s not like your event has become part of the local history of your district or region or city, but it goes a long way in building your credentials as a solid, down to earth host.

How do you pull this off? How do you prepare a venue for a last minute get together?

Here’s how you do it.

Here’s how to do it

First, understand that a little bit of simplicity goes a long way. Since the focus here is on the last minute nature of the get together, people are not going to show up in their prom gowns. People are not going to show up in their top hats or tuxedos. People are just going to come as they are. Keep it chill, keep it relaxed and keep it simple.

Make no mistake about it, simple and easy is often better than big and complicated, especially for last minute, improvised or spur of the moment events. This is one of those events, so there’s no need to over complicate things. There’s no need to overthink things.

Sadly, too many hosts think that a tremendous amount of their social capital and prestige is on the line so they tend to blow it. They tend to get overboard and, as a result, they make things worse.

People are already ready to have a good time because hey, it’s an informal event, but the moment they start introducing some element of formality there, there is a tremendous amount of stress and pressure, not just on the host, but on people who show up, and it sooner or later turns into a disaster. So don’t put yourself in that situation. Relax, take it easy and focus on the following.

Focus on Mood

The great thing about events is that mood can easily be manipulated by the lighting that you choose. Pick the right lighting, pick the right settings, and you’re pretty much good to go.

Focus on an Attitude

Now, if you are holding an event in your apartment, it’s very easy to set an attitude. You can just put up a sign or you can put up very basic decorations.

Now, you may be thinking that the decorations are so basic, would people even pay attention to them? Well, you’d be surprised because every little bit of detail helps because human beings are always looking for cues from the greater outside world.

We are always looking for context. We are always looking to have the world explained to us. So when you show a sign or a decoration, no matter how rudimentary and no matter how simple, people can and do pick up on these signals. They are able to connect the dots and adjust their attitude accordingly. So focus on setting the right mood and you end up setting the right attitude.

Focus on Attitude

By attitude, I am, of course, talking about your attitude. Make sure that you’re genuinely happy to see people. Make sure that your observable attitude and demeanor mirror the theme of the party. Remember, if you want to make it memorable, all details must point to a good time.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your party. You don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. You just have to make sure that the signals that the party sends, both to its guests and to everybody else, are the right ones. Don’t send conflicting signals because confused guests are often stressed out guests and this can lead to all sorts of disasters sooner or later.