Seagram’s Gin Live is all about celebrating in style.

“The great thing about gin is that it brings people from all walks of life, regardless of what seemingly divides us and regardless of the supposedly insurmountable amount of differences among us, once the drinks get flowing, you’d be surprised to find out how much we really have in common. This is not just a bumper sticker statement. This is actual fact. ”

You see, people all over the world, regardless of seeming surface differences, are not all that different. We all have the same aspirations. We all have pretty much the same dreams. We definitely need the same basic things to survive day to day. And this sense of commonality often shines through when gin and other drinks are served in a celebration because people get down to the basics. People get down to what is real.

A lot of the things that separate us in terms of income levels, educational attainment, class backgrounds, and other superficial details really begin to melt away as time goes on. In fact, people have more and more fun. They start looking at each other with really honest eyes. They start to see on a heart to heart level, and a lot of the divisions melt away.

This is what’s so amazing about celebrations because instead of trying to impress people or trying to make some sort of statement or talk a big game, you go there as yourself. You come as you are and you’d be surprised as to how many people would respond to you on a very deep, profound and all too real level.

It really is quite liberating. It definitely is quite inspiring because, ultimately, if you talk to enough people and you relate to them on a real basis, you can’t help but reaffirm your faith in humanity this way. There’s a lot more uniting us than dividing us.

Style is Defined by Quality and Attention to Detail

If you want to celebrate in style, make sure that you pay attention to quality. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. In other words, you have to serve the right drinks. You have to set up the right decorations, you have to set up the right system for your event.

You have to understand that you’re not organizing a high school party. You’re definitely not organizing a college fraternity party. This is an adult celebration, so it requires a certain degree of professionalism. It requires a certain amount of advanced planning. This is why serving the very best gin really can take your celebration to a much higher level.

When it Comes to High Quality Gin, You Can’t Get Any Better Than Seagram’s

Why are we so sold on Seagram’s? Well, it has a lot to do with the fact that this company has a long tradition of distillation excellence. This is a global brand for a good reason because gin, as smooth, simple and exhilarating as it may be as you drink, is actually the product of a long, complicated process that starts with fermentation. You have to ferment the right raw materials and you have to adopt the right process. You have to stick to the highest purity standards.

There’s a lot going on before you pour that liquid excellence into your glass. So do yourself a big favor and stop rolling the dice and taking chances with no-name brands. It’s anybody’s guess what they’re about. It’s anybody’s guess what quality they bring to the table.

If you’re serious about hosting a truly quality party, you have to stop messing around with substitutes and also-ran brands. Stick to what’s tried and proven. Take comfort from the fact that there’s a tremendous amount of attention to detail and high quality standards in every shot of Seagram’s Gin ever made.


This is what made us the most sought after gin brand on the planet. This is no exaggeration. You can look up all sorts of sales figures and Seagrams is always in the top 20. That’s how powerful and long lasting this classic brand is.

So if you have decided to get serious in hosting the very best party you could host, serve only the best. Great gin, after all, only comes from many years of experimentation, research and experience.