Pokemon Go is a new invention that has caught the attention of numerous gamers and people. It is a gaming app which imitated the idea of the original Pokemon by securing all of them with a pokemong go account and eliminating gym leaders. But, this app has caused excitement and fun across the country. And many people are joining the fray on a daily basis.

Pokemon Go is incorporated with Google Maps for the placing of Pokemon around the globe. Players make use of a tracking system to detect the location of Pokemon within the range of 30-meter. Once the players locate the Pokemon, they make use of the camera on their mobile phone to direct and throw a Pokeball towards the Pokemon for the easy capture.

Listed below are some essential guides to follow so that you and your loved ones can participate in the tasks;

The Tracking System

The tracking system is positioned at the edge of your phone showing the Pokemon available in the 30-meter radius of your locality through Google Maps.

Notice the way your character gives off a constant circle similar to an echolocation or radar? The circle has an extension of about 10 meters to enable you to pinpoint pokemon accurately and precisely.

Halt the tracking system instantly. Notice the footprints created by each Pokemon? Each footprint is approximately 10 meters long. So, if the Pokemon produces three footprints, then that is about 30 meters long. If the Pokemon comes with one footprint then they are about 10 meters away from your location, and you need to secure them!

Pokemon Candy and Stardust

You move to a higher level once you acquire the right quantity of candy as illustrated in their summary.

Stardust is used to boost the combat level (CP) of your Pokemon.

You are advised to use these items on a high CP Pokemon to make their evolvement result in the largest amount of CP possible. To enjoy the features of the game and to avoid ending in frustration, endeavor to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

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