There are few things to consider when selecting an online username via and amongst the numerous factors is to choose the particular name that will reveal your personality while also securing your privacy.

Regardless of the sites or blogs, we now have numerous sites requesting for more usernames for registration, and due to the influx of enthusiasts waiting to get register on such sites, it is quite hard to select a username that has not been used another user. If you have a massive presence on the web; it can also be challenging to remember all the usernames used during registration on the different websites. However, there are numerous techniques of getting a new username that has not been registered before especially the one that can be used for all your registration process. Using different usernames for different websites is unwise.

The first thing is that you must determine the context or the reason for creating the username. For instance, for bank registration and work purposes, you are advised to incorporate some of your real names into the username. Though, this is not compulsory, especially if you are registering on dating site or other social platforms and you don’t want to reveal your personality or want to remain private. You must determine the reasons for registering on the website whether it is for the official or personal purpose.

You can alter your real name or incorporate some random characters into it, to enable you to remember the username instantly coupled with concealing your identity. For instance, you can decide to spell your middle name backward. This will create exciting feelings that will attract interests and curiosities if that is your primary aim and purpose. If you decide to incorporate numbers (and if it is allowed on the website) select characters with personal significance to enable you to remember them, but avoid choosing the ones that reveal your personality or identity, such as your birthday, house number and other essential features.

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