There are a lot of methods to separate a replica knockoff handbag from an original Louis Vuitton. If you feel like buying an item from a website like an online auction, make sure you carry out your research well. Don’t be deceived, they are getting more adept at cheating individuals out of their hard-earned cash. You have to be extremely careful when buying Louis Vuitton handbags from any website missing from the list of the ones certified by Louis Vuitton. happens to be the ONLY certified site when it comes to selling new Louis Vuitton handbags – don’t be deceived by those claiming they have a wholesale list or are authorized to sell chances are they don’t.

Original Louis Vuitton products are exclusively sold in Louis Vuitton shops, by dialing 1.866.VUITTON. However, you could always get a deal of Louis Vuitton handbags on eBay! If your search for an LV bag gives you one with a cheap looking tag, then it’s obviously fake. LV don’t tag their bags with a cutout part of the logo, nor do they tag their items with a piece of string that has a circular piece of plastic marked with a brown LV sign.

Based on the collection, Louis Vuitton makes use of different textiles to line their bag items: tone on tone polyester, canvas lining in honey or red, cross-grain leather, microfiber suede, fine micro monogram textile. Fake Louis Vuitton bag manufacturers don’t really pay attention to the interior. They would most likely line the bag’s interior with brown suede or cheap or plastic tan.

As far as the classic monogram LV collection is concerned, they employ the use of oxidizing natural cowhide leather which becomes a dark golden honey shade with time. Plastic is not employed!

Louis Vuitton is very popular for their top quality luxury goods. If the item happens to be a nonexistent style or it’s of horrible quality then it is fake. Always remember this – the fact that a bag has “LV” logo does not mean it is genuine.

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