Amazing Things to do in Hawaii

Living in Hawaii is a dream of many people, but not everyone can afford to do so.

The average income in Hawaii was $46,272 from 2009-2011. That number is about 19% lower than the U.S average of $54,462 over the same period. The median home value in Hawai’i has grown exponentially over the years, with an inflation-adjusted increase of 331% from 1975-1999. Hawaiians also pay high prices for their homes, with a median value of $564,200 (compared to the U.S average of $175,700).

Hawaii is beautiful year-round; it makes sense that the population in the state is growing. Since 2000, Hawai’i’s population has increased by 16.7%, or about one person every 5 minutes (about four times faster than the U.S average). Many people come to Hawaii for vacation and choose to live there because of all it offers; however, not everyone who lives in the state can afford it. The median household income in Hawaii was $62,817 (again, about 19% lower than the U.S average of $69,988), and that is likely to put people into high-priced homes for years to come.

1. Visit an active volcano: Hawaii is home to countless volcanoes, and one of the most active ones is Kilauea on the Big Island. It’s been continuously erupting since 1983 and remains a popular destination for curious visitors. The lava lake in the crater is fascinating, but it also emits toxic gas, so you must remain at least 1 kilometer away.

2. Go dune bashing: The Big Island has many unique terrains, but few are as impressive as the dunes found in Mauna Kea’s desert region. Dune bashing is a thrilling experience that you’ll never forget!

3. Parasailing and swim with dolphins: A great way to have a fun vacation is to swim with dolphins and should you want to go parasailing, that is also an option. There are many options for this, including Dolphin Quest, which allows you to swim side by side with these fantastic animals in Oahu.

4. Go on an outrigger canoe ride: This canoe originated in the Hawaiian Islands and was used for centuries by natives during fishing expeditions. Today, you can rent one to do it yourself! The best place for that is on the Big Island, where you’ll find plenty of outfitters.

5. Explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: This beautiful park is home to Kilauea Volcano, erupting lava for years. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see for everyone who visits the Big Island!

6. Visit Hanauma Bay: This is one of Hawaii’s most popular beaches, but if you want to avoid crowded conditions, you should go early in the morning when fewer people are there. The cool thing about it is that it used to be a volcanic crater, which means you can enjoy amazing views of the coast and plenty of sea life.

Hawaii is surrounded by warm tropical weather. Also, it’s called “The Aloha State.”The Aloha State has its own culture that includes Hawaiian music, dance, cuisine, literature, and many other imported cultural characteristics. Hawaii is most popular with tourists and honeymooners, but also for business and conventions. Whale watching in Honolulu is a must when you check Hawaii. The beaches in Hawaii are great for surfing, fishing and swimming. Just visit the place for a more serene experience.