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This place is all about gin and, in particular, Seagram’s Gin. Before we dive in, here’s a bit of an overview.


You have to understand that the reason why people drink gin is because, since ancient days, people always celebrated a deal or a wedding or any sort of happy event with drinks. It seems that libations or fermented drinks and all sorts of refreshments involving alcohol have always been associated with good times, victories, successes and the high points and highlights of life.

It’s easy to see why. When people drink alcohol, a lot of social lubrication takes place. Before they meet, usually people can be quite uptight. In many cases, people are under a lot of pressure because of the stress they feel or possibly their interrelation with each other, and this context, when they drink libations and the alcohol flows freely, people open up. People start relating to each other, not just as members of specific social groups.

People no longer are associated with their jobs. They’re not defined by their social class or other external social superstructure that normally influences or dictates a large portion of their life. Instead, you get to interact with them on a human to human and person to person level.

There’s a sense of vivid humanity there. There is a sense of one to one honesty there that really sober or completely alcohol-free situations fail to deliver on.

Alcohol actually serves to unlock this tremendous human natural talent to bridge divides because, ultimately, if you strip down all the things that seemingly divide us and that seemingly make us distinct from each other, we’re basically the same. We all have to eat, sleep, drink, we all fall in love, we all look for love, we all have fears, we can get intimidated, we all bleed red. We just have so much more in common than the things that divide us.

Unfortunately, in our normal states, we define ourselves by what divides us. We define ourselves by our limitations. And sadly, these comfort zones that are often based on identities start looking and behaving like invisible prison walls. This really is too bad because if we really want to live a life that is full of love, possibility and adventure, we need to melt and break down these walls, and this is where Seagram’s Gin Live comes in.

We understand that gin packs a lot of camaraderie and relaxation in every shot. The best part is that every shot takes you a step closer to that deep and profound human to human and emotionally naked connection that we could all use more of.

Gin, either mixed or unmixed, seal any celebration. It really does because once you whip out a Seagram’s Gin and everybody takes notice, they know that the good times are here. They know that the celebration has taken on a new dimension. You have taken things to a much higher level and people’s inhibitions go down, and it’s not a surprise that Seagram’s Gin has been associated with good times for a long, long time now.

Make no mistake about it, if you want to celebrate in style and you’re serious about making sure that everybody has a good time, you have to whip out the gin. And we’re not just talking about any regular gin made from grains here, we’re talking about the leading brand of gin all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if you talk to somebody from Timbuktu, to somebody from Tokyo, and somebody from Malta, all the way to somebody in Manila, they all would agree that when it comes to gin and gin-fueled celebrations, Seagram’s is at the top of the pack. It’s easy to see why because Seagram’s Gin has a long tradition of high quality distillation and spirits blending.

You have to understand that gin is not a commodity. Just because you taste one brand of gin, it doesn’t give you the right nor the technical expertise to dismiss all gins as basically being the same. You can’t say with a straight face that if you drunk one shot of gin, that you’ve drunk all shots of gin. It doesn’t work that way. There is a tremendous amount of history in Seagram’s Gin and this translates into a tremendous amount of quality.

The bottom line is simple, when celebrating all the highs and lows of life, do it with quality in mind. Do it with quality gin. Do it with a tried and proven brand that, people from all over the world can agree, makes for a high quality gin.

And that’s why Seagram’s is almost always at the top of the list when people ask for gin in any area of the world. People know quality, people recognize quality, and that’s why they keep asking for this brand time and time again.

You have to understand that the quality of your celebration really boils down to, in some large measure, to the quality of the drinks that you’re serving. If you are serving essentially generic gin that really doesn’t meet basic standards of quality, a lot is lost in translation. The celebration can’t be as good as it could be.

So do yourself a big favor and establish a reputation as a world class quality host in your area of the world by serving the very best gin for your next celebration. Create the right atmosphere. Let people think back to the event and associate your name and your event, along with what happened in the event, with quality gin.

That’s how you make great memories. It’s all about the materials you serve, it’s all about the atmosphere you set, and it’s all about the attitude of the people there. And believe us, the gin you choose to serve plays a very big role in how many people will remember the event for all the right reasons.

Of course, people still have to drink responsibly. So you cannot abdicate your role and responsibilities as a host. Make sure that there is a designated driver, make sure that you comply with all local laws. It is possible to have a really good time while making sure that everybody drinks responsibly and nobody gets hurt.

In fact, you run the risk of being perceived as a lousy host because, obviously, you are holding back. Obviously, you are trying to save or otherwise cut back on what would have otherwise been a quality-fueled and quality-based celebration.

So to avoid any of that unnecessary drama and always serve the very best gin you have access to. In other words, serve Seagram’s Gin. People always recognize quality. They definitely clamor for it and seek it out. So be known as a quality host.

The great thing about the gin that we sell is that it doesn’t really cost all that much compared to competitor’s products. In fact, if you factor in the brand value, as well as the world class taste, you’re actually paying a very low price. You’re actually getting a bargain.

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